The Most Important Principles In Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Cleaning floors made of hardwood is not simple. Wood is a sensitive material so we need to be careful all the time when cleaning it. Today, I will give you some principles you have to keep in mind when you work with a best vacuum for hardwood floors. I hope that you will realize a lot of interesting points.

Have Details About The Part Of Special Vacuum

First and foremost, there are a lot of things you should focus on so that you can figure out the right way to operate the machine. Here are some parts for the vacuum cleaner for wood floors that you need to know.

Vacuum Wand Head To Run Flat

The wand of a vacuum cleaner is one of the first part you have to care about on the grounds that it determines the convenience of the machine and the comfort of the users.

The wand should be light and durable. The most common material to create the vacuum wand is stainless material. You should have a length – adjusted wand to drive it near and far conveniently.

Glide For Maximum Recovery

The glide is like a brush to sweep the dust on the floor. For hardwood floor, you should not use the wet towel to clean because it will have a bad impact on the wood material.

The glide of the vacuum cleaner will allow you to vacuum all the dust and even smell. The wood floors will be clean and the material is durable as it does not get wet.

Offset Comfort Grip

The grip should create comfort for you when you hold it. If you have to clean a large wood floor, you will have to hold it for a long time so it should be comfortable. You ought to have some relax during cleaning.

Tips To Keep The Hardwood Floors Safe

As said above, cleaning hardwood floors requires you to remember a lot of points. Here are some tips for you to consult in.

Take Advantage Of The Vacuum Cleaner

It is better to take advantage of your good vacuum machine. The machine has soft glide to touch the wood surface. If you use the brush, the brush teeth will poke into the wood fiber and that’s not good for the floor.

The vacuum machine has a glide soft enough to clean the floor and it can keep the floor good and durable. In addition, the vacuuming force of the machine is large so it can help you absorb all the dust and dirt on the floor while sweeping dust with the brush still leaves some dirt here.

Use Dry Towel

Using dry towel is to keep safety for the wood floor. As explained above, using wet towel will destroy the wood floor. For wood material, you only need to use dry cloth and dry towel to clean it. Even when your babies drop some candies on the floor, you should not use water or cleaning gels to clean it.

Do Not Clean Too Often

Cleaning the wood floors too often is also a cause to the floor damage. It is better to keep the floor clean all the time and avoid cleaning it too much. Even when you use the vacuum cleaner, the vacuuming force will make the wood surface dry and the fiber texture is damaged.

What You Should Avoid

When it comes to cleaning the hardwood floors, you have to avoid some following substances and equipment.

Beating the brushes on the floor

Abusing fragrant liquid to remove bad smell

Wearing high heels and shoes on the floor

Pour the water on the floor to wash it

Eat on the floor

Display too many toys with sharp edges on the floor

Let your babies pee on the floor

These are some notes for you to remember. You had better keep it in mind and follow to have a good wood floor.

Bottom Line

As you can see it is not easy to deal with wood floors but with the right vacuum cleaner, the floor will be clean and safe. These are some main principles for you. If you want to have some more details, you can contact us anytime.