How To Clean Your Car Steadily

Think of the scene you drop a cereal bowl to the floor, you just reach a handheld vacuum cleaner, press the button, that’s it. No longer having to insert wires, insert a straw, weighs nearly 10kg pull the machine out to the location to smoke anymore.

The capacity of vacuum for car is also a problem. It can clean carpet in your car. Considering some features and then choose the best car vacuum.

However, if you are renting or boarding in the small house, with a hand-held vacuum cleaner is also more convenient, because every tenant relocation, you will not be carrying the huge machine other.

Select A Car Vacuum Cleaner As Yet?

First of all you look at capacity. Capacity stronger the greater the gravitational pull, the faster and power consumption. Think you will use hand-held vacuum cleaner as yet. Do you intend to use to clean the house, or just to clean things instantaneous scattered. If you choose the first side, ie cleaning the house, choose a machine with decent power, reach approximately 800W is just, and choose a machine with a large capacity battery. The majority of mini handheld vacuum cleaner Vietnam market with a capacity of 600W, so you probably will not have much choice. All mini vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning things instantaneous scattered.

Then The Wire Length

The longer the wire, the more we relaxed in moving the vacuum cleaner. However, with the short wire machine, we can overcome by using extended power outlet.

Next is the volume sad dust. The majority of portable vacuum cleaner dust bags that do not use the dust chamber. Bigger chamber get more dirt. However, the machine has a small chamber will force us to do more hollow chamber, thus creating a habit of cleaning the vacuum cleaner.

The last criterion is the accessories. Some occupy the mid-range model will have a fixed nozzle. You can not be inserted into the other nozzle. The more advanced models will have a wide choice of nozzle, make it easier than cleaning. For example, some models have been drinking nozzle into the right angle, helping you put in the corner after the cabinet; or some are paintings is hoses, helping to take into corners more difficult. Even some high-end models also offer pet comb, started blowing wind.

Handheld Vacuum Magic One Mg-901

The first option is our Handheld Vacuum Magic One MG-901. This is the best value for money machines in the mid-range segment. With a capacity of up to 1000W, the most powerful machine in the list. With dust holding capacity of 400ml, you can completely clean the house without having to empty the dust chamber many times do anything.

Add to that their small size and volume was at average 2.5 kg, and 5 m long wire. But 2.5 kg, but with the handle is designed to improve grasp, hold and control the vacuum head, you will not see a little hand fatigue when cleaning up on high positions.

Car Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Jk-8

Vacuum Cleaner JK-8 was the cheapest machine in the factory was carried out to compare. With red paint ball, JK-8 Vacuum Cleaner drew his first sympathetic. Despite being the cheapest machine, but with the weight 1.2 kg, it is also the lightest machine.

With capacity up to 1000W and dust capacity up to 2L, JK-8 Car Vacuum Cleaner is what you need to clean yourcar.

However, JK-8 Vacuum Cleaner also had several drawbacks. First, since the length of wire to stop at an acceptable level: 2,65m. I have tried using the JK-8 Vacuum Cleaner for vacuuming on top of the cabinet, and weaknesses existed: cord is not long enough. But this disadvantage can be overcome by a long wire electrical outlet. But this will reduce the maneuverability of the machine, so you just have to bring the machine, just to bring the cord. One of his advice is that if you choose this product, please buy together a socket can unplug it.

Disadvantages of Vacuum Cleaner 2nd JK-8 is the noise level. Vacuum Cleaner JK-8 is quite noisy, near by the usual vacuum cleaner. Depending on the preferences that each person will see this as uncomfortable.

Hope you choose a good car vacuum cleaner.