How To Choose Diapers Are Appropriate To The Season

Although mothers choose what kind of diapers, the best follow manuals of the manufacturer. If mother chose for me what kind of diapers, children with allergies or show signs of redness, skin rash, you should go immediately to the other using a diaper. But that is not the basis for the final evaluation of the quality of a diaper. Very likely, this diaper baby invalid type diaper but where else.

From Cloth diaper reviews, you can see the domestic type a different point in the diaper area color changes to pink (to indicate the amount of urine / feces produced baby) is not as clear as exports, leading to difficult to determine the amount of water urine has soaked the naked eye.

They has many handy, but sometimes mother should choose the best cloth diapers.

You can choose baby diapers by category, according to characteristics even seasonal use. On the market today there are many types of full-size diapers, materials and colors for babies. But basically, you can analyze them into two main types of disposable diapers and cloth diapers.

Disposable diapers: types of materials used are 100% paper diapers. This type is quite convenient, easy to use and suitable for busy mothers work as well as the time to take her out. However they do have drawbacks are expensive in the long run. This diapers are also diverse in color, material, size (suitable for babies until they learn to walk).

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Cloth Diapers

This particular type of diaper economic nature because you can reuse it for other baby diapers. However, you will have to spend more effort and time to wash, dry properly again … this type of diaper pins required for fixing, so if you are not careful you can make baby prickly. To choose the most suitable type of diapers for your baby, you should be selected on the following criteria:

Choose Easy-Absorbent Diapers

Diapers absorbent and breathable easy to help your baby does not get wet after every urination or sweating in the summer (wet is a major cause of skin rash illness in children). Features highly absorbent and breathable thanks primarily in diapers made out of membrane material (the outside of the diaper). Currently on the market there are many different types of membrane such as nylon membrane typically, nylon breathable membrane, membrane and membrane fabric types. Mothers are the current most popular form of membrane and membrane fabric breathable fabric types (slightly rough surface, as opposed to nylon membrane typically smooth) because there is highly breathable, keep your skin baby always dry.

Diapers With Green Tea Extract

Recently the market has more kinds of diapers have added green tea extract, deodorant and anti-infant diaper rash. Green tea also works as astringent and antibacterial, so often mothers used to bathe the baby.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Diaper

How To Choose A Diaper

Check walls against movement: When choosing diapers for your baby, do not forget to check the movement of the diaper against the wall. Two side walls should be designed not to cause soft imprint infant, causing little more pleasant and comfortable.

To choose the fit diapers baby, you should pay attention to both sides of the diaper tape that fit, easy to install and easy to adjust to any size, to avoid diaper too tight, zipped up leather thigh and abdomen baby skin. You also pay to part 2 of the diaper leg. Some types of diapers can have 2 legs elasticity, prevent leakage. If the elastic is too tight can cause skin vicious baby.

Choose Appropriate Seasonal Diapers

In, you can choose disposable diapers or cloth diapers for your baby to use. However, you should note that the selection of seasonal combinations.

In winter, you should choose for your baby diapers so absorbent, helping your baby pee beams from being cold, and bring warm, dry and more comfortable for the baby.

In summer, it’s hot, though not pee beams prone baby sweating, so you should choose cloth diapers for your baby, if possible. Moreover, the air is usually dry and hot summer, very convenient for you to wash and dry cloth diapers. Summer high temperatures, closing diapers relatively long period can affect your baby’s skin, especially affecting the testicles of boys.

So, if forced to choose to use baby diapers frequently you should change diapers and clean each time you change your baby. At night, the mothers often chose to play for children. However diapers, if the weather is hot so you can take the initiative to find other methods.