There are a lot of different type of the electric and modern equipments for the car which help you to enjoy the driving time. And in this post I want to talk about the sound system of the car to help you can figure the an overview about this device of the car and then choose the suitable one for your own. For more particular, there are some information to make you see the classification of the din head units and some factors you need to pay attention when want to purchase one.

  1. Types of din head units for car

This is the first thing yo need to know before come to the store and choose the din which is suitable for your car. There are 2 main types of the din head units in the market are the single din head unit and best double din head unit.

Single head unit: This is the basic type of the sound system for the car. In usual the dimention of this product is about 50mm height and 180mm width. In the case your car is attact the single din head, it is not easy to upgrade it to the double one. It is not a big deal in term of working capacity because the single and double din can provide a good quality of sound for your car, it is all up to your choices. There are a lot of good quality single din in the market you can find for yourself and then you can know what is the suitable for you and your car. Some desingn of the single din allow you to connect with the wide screen touch and then you can enjoy your trip with more fun things.

Double din head unit: this actually is the most famous and popular type of the sound system in the car which most people choose. The biggest advantage of the double din head unit is the display capacity and quality are really great, bring the best for your car. If your car has been equiped the double din head unit, you need to pay attention for the upgrade of this system because this system is flexible and you are able to adjust this system to fit with your idea easier than the single din. Double din head unit is usually go with the mounting bracket kit in your car, the downgrade is OK but not popular as the kit.

Should we choose the single or double din head unit: This question, in fact, not an difficult answer when you just need to answer depend on your car feature. You need to measure the  front faceplate of your car, if it about 7 x 2 inches, there is nothing can be more suitable than the single din unit. And i you want to install double din head unit for your car, you need to make sure that the front faceplate of your car has to be double size compare to the standard for the single din head unit which means it about 7 x 4 inches.

  1. Factors you need to pay attention to when choose the double din head unit

When you plan to purchase for anything, especially the electric device, you need to depend on the capacity and wokrking productivity of the device to make sure that it its with your rquirement. And in the case of double head din unit, there are some factors you have to care about:

Power: This device is obviously is the device which take care of the sound system of your car and therefore, the power is the first thing you need to think about. In the simple words, the more power you have, the better sound the din provides.

Usability: The good head unit is the one that provide the controlation, the adjustment of the system for the users without too much of distraction during the time they are driving

Pre-amp outputs: one head cann equiped with the preamp outputs, the number can up to 3 preamp output. So depend on what you need, you can choose the suitable one for your car.