These days, there are a lot of drill presses. Some of them use handheld drill press for easy moving while some others prefer to electric or compressed drill press. Even though all of these types are controlled by an igniting engine (for instance to drill the ground), each of them has different pros and cons. A benchtop drill press may come up to your expectations for more advantages over the other types. However, before choosing to buy a drill press, remember to know how they are classified. In this article, I will introduce to you some most popular drill presses in the current market.

  1. The handheld drill

The handheld drill in the past looked very simple and the users had to use their hands to make the drill work. In this modern time, some people still utilize this kind of drill on the grounds that they only have to carry out easy work and some of them do not have enough money to afford one electric one.

Using a handheld drill has both pros and cons. Firstly, about the benefits, we can bring this tool everywhere since it is very light and compact and we can put in in a tool box and bring it easily whenever necessary.

By contrast, it is a waste of time when using such a handheld tool. We will have to use both hands to keep the drill stable and to make the countersink rotate. As usual, the countersink for a handheld drill has large diameter. That is also one reason the waste of time of using this produce.

  1. The cord drill

The cord drill often uses the pistol grip countersink. This is one of the most types nowadays. This type is often utilized in large workshop. As it uses electric power, it has high capacity so it can drill concrete and metal.

Interestingly, it is very simple to understand the structure of a pistol drill. Of course, there will have cord to transmit the electric energy. The drill bit is responsible for drilling. The chuck helps to keep the drill bit stable and tight. There will have torque selection ring to adjust the tightness for different types of countersinks. The on and off trigger creates more convenience for users. Whenever we want to drill, we only need to pull the on trigger and when we want to stop, we only need to loosen our finger.

  1. The drill press

The drill press can be regarded as the most popular type today. It is used mainly for drilling hard material such as concrete. Some people call it the multi – functional tool on the grounds that it has also the function to drive the screws. The structure of a drill press is somewhat more complicated than that of the other types mentioned above.

The drill press has high capacity and it helps to save a lot of time when working. As usual, the drill press uses electric power.

The drill press is also used to outsource types of wood materials. The important factor that decides the efficiency of drilling is the drill bit or the countersink. Some modern types of drill press nowadays are able to sand the material. In other words, it has the ability to smooth the surface of wood material.

In terms of buying a modern drill press, sometimes, you will have to equip some more accessories. Some are compulsory and some are optional. Firstly, you will have to equip full of countersinks that have different diameter and different drilling ability.

Secondly, you ought to prepare a mini pump to spray water in the hole after drilling. The cord or the battery for cordless drill press is required in case the current one has some trouble and we do not have any better solutions.

In conclusion, the drill presses are classified clearly but almost all customers do not know about that. This is one main reason for the misuse of many people. Therefore, don’t forget to learn about all types of drill press before you come to the store and pick up one item. I hope that the information mentioned above can help you in both choosing and operating this tool.