Cleaning the car’s interior is very important to bring to us more comfort and convenience when we are in the car. A lot of people pay their attention to this by having their car taken care of regularly or they will have machines and tools for cleaning the car at home. There are many products that we can use to make the car cleaner such as the best car vacuum. Today, we will make this clear.

  1. List of tools

In the first part, we will introduce to you the list of tools for car cleaning.

  • A mini car vacuum

It is obvious that the car is one of the most necessary vehicles in the world and it is not strange to people. Like other vehicles, the car is often driven to everywhere so it will be stained, too. We cannot avoid dust or dirt on the grounds that the car will absorb it every day, every moment.

Concurrently, the demand for car cleaning and maintenance is increasing so that the car will look good. Have you accidentally poured the coffee on the car floor or the car carpet? If you have, you may understand the feeling when you have to experience the bad smell and the brown stain.

I feel certain that at that time you only need to get out of the car. That is the problem. A car vacuum will help you will all you feel confused with. With the compact design and high capacity, the vacuum can work effectively within 10 minutes and give you the first look of the car.

  • A carpet washer

The car carpet is the thing that absorbs the most dust and dirt so we need to wash it regularly. With a car vacuum, we only can get the dust but all the stains caused by our dirty shoes will be stick to the carpet for a long time.

Therefore, we have to use a carpet washer. This washer is very special so that it can insure the quality of the carpet material and the cleanliness.

  • Other tools

In addition to the two machines above, there are some small tools that can help you erase the dirt quickly such as the sponges, the cotton towels, the brushes and some dedicated liquid.

  1. Steps to take

After gather all the things necessary for cleaning, we should take the first step right away. Here are some steps:

  • Vacuuming

To make the cleaning work easier, we had better vacuum first. Vacuuming will get out all the dust. Our responsibility is to vacuum the car ceiling, the floor and all the seats. After vacuuming, we will start to clean more details.

  • Cleaning the car ceiling

Cleaning the car ceiling is quite simple. However, we will need dedicated detergent to make the ceiling cleaner. The ceiling absorbs little dust than other places on the grounds that it is high. However, it is very easy to absorb smell.

To support cleaning the ceiling, we need a soft brush and a towel. After spray the detergent foam, we will use the brush to rub and clean the ceiling. You can see that the foam will turn into brown or grey after it absorbs the dirt.

After that we only need to use the towel to sweep all the foam. Remember to choose the detergent that has natural scent.

  • Cleaning the steering wheel and the dashboard

The steering wheel and the dashboard are the parts that often suffer from bad effects so they have the most dust. Thus, we need to clean them carefully.

It is necessary to use detergent to make the absolutely clean. After that, you can use a sponge to clean first and spray some detergent liquid so that the dirt can be swept more easily.

You had better wait for 10 minutes so that the detergent is absorbed, which helps you get all the dirt out quickly. In the summer, our hands often generate sweat so the steering wheel can be slippery. Hence, we have to clean it until it has no sweat or dirt.

The dashboard also needs to be cleaned thoroughly on the grounds that our fingers often touch it and leave the sweat on it.